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Blanket - Fleece - Lovebirds

Blanket - Fleece - Lovebirds

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Product Code: KB20469

Artist: Israel Shortridge

Nation: Tlingit

Sharing my cultural knowledge with my patrons as well as with tribal members and teaching the art of Tlingit carving to upcoming Native carvers brings much purpose to my life. Leaving a legacy of work behind for the next generation to be inspired by is a life time goal that I strive to accomplish.

Israel Shotridge is one of Alaska’s finest Tlingit carvers. He is from Ketchikan,

Alaska in the heart of the Tongass National Forest which was named after his tribal ancestors; the Tongass Tribe (Taantakwaan), the Sea Lion people. Israel is a member of the Bear Clan, the Teikweidee.

Israel’s Tlingit name, Kinstaadaal, means "The Bear That’s Standing Up."

The Lovebirds design represents a combination of the two main moieties among the Native Peoples of the Northwest Coast. The Eagle and the Raven together as one, they are Lovebirds.

50"W x 60"H

100% soft polyester

wash before use

wash cold and dry on gentle cycle

made in China