Jesse Brillion

Majestic Raven II

Product Code:  JB52001

Artist:  Jesse Brillion

Nation:  Haida, Cree


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The Raven, in Haida culture, is one of the most highly revered of all the animals. Known primarily as the trickster, at times is a down right nuisance; we also understand that humans would not have come to be if not for Raven prying them them from the inside of a clam shell. Nor would the sun and moon be released into the sky had Raven not liberated them. As much as Raven is known to be a troublemaker, he is equally respected for his curiosity, after all, it led him to the most crucial uncovery of the Haida people, as our origin stories recount.

Hand printed silk screened limited ediotn prints.
Rare small edition run. 20 numbered prints in the run.

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