Joe Mandur Jr

Spirit Bear Cotton Throw

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Artist:  Joe Mandur Jr


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Joe Mandur’s talents blossomed after the rebirth of the North coast Native art. His Haida name is 7iidgyaa Kauyss which means ‘Our Precious One’. Joe is an artist experienced with the mediums of stone, wood, metal and paper.

He was surrounded by fine native carving at an early age. In 1979, Joe met Bill Reid and was so inspired that soon after he launched his career as an artist in Haida Gwaii.

The Spirit Bear to the Tsimshian people, who have lived with these bears for thousands of years, have a myth about the white bears that says Raven made one in every ten black bears white, to remind the people of a time when glaciers covered this land and how the people should be thankful for the lush and bountiful land of today. Many believe the Spirit Bears hold super-natural powers, hence the name Spirit Bear - a name that suits its mythical like presence.

67"W x 48"H

100% cotton

dry clean or hand washed in cold water and hang to dry

made in the United States

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