Board Book - A is for Anemone

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Product Code: 9781550179477

Artist: Roy Henry Vickers

Nation: Tsimshian/Haida/Heiltsuk

A is for Anemone, written by Robert Budd and illustrated by Roy Henry Vickers

With crisp, luminous illustrations by celebrated Indigenous artist Roy Henry Vickers, and a simple rhythmic text, this sturdy board book introduces the alphabet using iconic imagery of the West Coast, creating a book that will be cherished by young readers and their families.

Starting with colourful sea anemones waving in the ocean current, and closing with a snoozing grizzly bear (Zzz), this board book supports both early literacy and children's awareness of the natural world.

Publishers Weekly described Vicker’s previous collaboration with Robert Budd as “a gorgeous glimpse of the distinctive landscapes and creatures of the Northwest, [that] will enchant residents and nonlocals alike.”

5" x 7"

26 pages

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