Bracelet - Sterling Silver - 3/4" - Wolf

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Artist: Alvin Adkins

Nation: Haida

Handcrafted sterling silver bracelet by Haida artist Alvin Adkins.

Alvin Adkins, born in Prince Rupert, British Columbia in 1959, is a member of the Haida Nation from Haida Gwaii bearing the family crests of the Raven, the Bear, and the Killer Whale. While self-taught in the art form of the Northwest Coast from the age of 22, Alvin has also been supported and influenced by several distinguished artists in the community over the years as he crafted his own personal style, such as Dempsey Bob, Freda Diesing, Bill Reid, Robert Davidson, and Don Yeomans. Alvin is one of the many Haida artists who, through maintaining the traditional Haida carving style, is aiming to preserve his heritage for future generations. In addition to gold and silver, he also carves in wood and argillite, and creates limited edition silkscreen prints. His work is distinguished by his skillful use of formline and deep gouging, and his craftsmanship, detail, and imagination are evident in each piece he creates. 

The WOLF signifies intelligence, family, loyalty, and leadership.

3/4" wide by 6" in length with a 1" space at the back

Made in Vancouver, BC.

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