Bangle - Sterling Silver - 1/4" - Eagles - small

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Artist: Gilbert Pat

Nation: Coast Salish

Handcarved and crafted sterling silver bangle by Gilbert Pat. 

Gilbert Pat, born in Sardis, British Columbia in 1945, is a well-known Northwest Coast jewelry artist of the Coast Salish Nation. After moving to Alert Bay and working as a carpenter and commercial fisherman, he began carving in 1976. He is mainly self-taught but was mentored by Lloyd Wadhams Sr. of the celebrated Seaweed and Shaughnessy families, from whom he learned to carve with fine detail and high craftsmanship. He works primarily in silver and is widely recognized for his whimsical carvings that incorporate traditional Salish design elements.

This bangle fits a 5¾"-6¼" wrist circumference comfortably. When clasped together the inside measurement is 6½", allowing a small amount of space for the bangle to sit comfortably. If you have any questions about fit please get in touch with us we are happy to help!

Eagle: friendship, peace, power, loyalty, grace

Made in Victoria 


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