Blanket - Wool Blend - Eco-friendly - Connections - Reversible

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Product Code: MTEB20

Artist: Tsista Kennedy

Nation: Anishinaabe & Oneida

 Made with recycled fabric

Eco-friendly Blankets are made of 50% recycled polyester, 30% acrylic, and 20% recycled wool. A perfect soft warm blend that will last a long time. 

Our eco-friendly everyday blankets are made from sustainable fabric woven in Italy. It’s perfect for family picnics, camping, and getting cozy around the campfire, and is made large enough for a queen-size bed or a throw blanket.

60" x 80" 

How to clean your eco-friendly blanket

Wash on cold, and hang to dry.


About the Connections design and the artist Emily 



Fabric woven in Italy, Blanket made in Canada


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