Book - Aggie and Mudgy

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Artist: Wendy Proverbs & Alyssa Koski

Nation: Kaska Dena / Kainai - Blackfoot

 For middle-grade readers

Written by Kaska Dena author Wendy Proverbs, with illustrations by Kainai artist Alyssa Koski

Based on the true story of the author’s biological mother and aunt, this middle-grade novel traces the long and frightening journey of two Kaska Dena sisters as they are taken from their home to attend residential school.

When Maddy discovers an old photograph of two little girls, she asks her grandmother, Nan, who they are. The girls in the photo, Nan explains, are Aggie and Mudgy, two Kaska Dena sisters who lived many years ago in a remote village on the BC-Yukon border. Like countless Indigenous children, they were stolen from their families at a young age. Nan tells the story of Aggie and Mudgy's frightening 1600 kilometre journey by riverboat, mail truck, paddlewheeler, steamship, and train, from their northern home to Lejac Residential School in central BC. She patiently explains historical facts and geographical places of the story, helping Maddy understand Aggie and Mudgy's transitional world. 

Aggie and Mudgy captures the breakdown of family by the forces of colonialism, but also celebrates the strength of the descendants of residential school survivors to reestablish the bonds of family. 

Winner of the Jeanne Clarke Local History Award
Longlisted for the 2022/2023 First Nations Communities Read Award
Nominated for the Rocky Mountain Book Award, Alberta's Children's choice award

5.5" x 8"

144 pages

Made in Canada

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