Book - White Raven

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Artist: Teoni Spathelfer

Nation: Coast Salish

Ages 4 to 8

Written by Heiltsuk author Teoni Spathelfer and illustrated by Coast Salish artist Natassia Davies

Little Wolf, grown up with children of her own, moves to the country where her mother, White Raven, shares a sad story from her childhood.

All grown up with a family of her own, Little Wolf moves from the big city to the island of her ancestors. She wants to share the beauty and mysteries of nature with her children, and she wants them to learn as much about their culture as possible. One day, Little Wolf’s mother, White Raven, visits and begins to tell her grandchildren stories from her own childhood. But the stories are not happy ones. As a child, White Raven left her family to attend St. Michael’s Residential School in Alert Bay, BC. While there, she experienced hunger, loneliness, shame, and isolation from her language and her culture. Even years later, as a grown woman and Elder, she has nightmares about her time at the school. But by sharing her story with Little Wolf and her grandchildren, White Raven begins to heal and brings the family closer together. Through simple, heartfelt text and vivid illustrations that combine contemporary and traditional Indigenous motifs, White Raven is an engaging teaching tool as well as a relatable narrative about the impact of intergenerational trauma on families. Based on the author’s own life and her mother’s residential school experience, the central message of this book is one of healing and family unity.

Finalist for the Indigenous Voices Awards 2022
Shortlisted for the Victoria Book Prizes 2022
Longlisted for the First Nations Communities Read Award 2022/23

9" x 9"

28 pages

Made in Canada


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