Box of Cards - Clarence Mills - Haida Collection

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Artist: Clarence Mills

Nation: Haida

Boxed Card Sets contain 12 folded cards and 12 envelopes. For each of the 6 designs, 2 cards are included. 

Each card measures 4" x 6" and is printed on recyclable paper. 

Licensed authentic indigenous design. This artist has been paid a royalty for this product.

Made in Canada.

Cultural Background: Haida

\Haida artist Clarence Mills was born at Skidegate, Haida Gwaii, British Columbia in 1958. He is a member of the Eagle Clan and takes the Split Raven and Grizzly Bear as his crests.

His grandfather Jimmy Wilson was hereditary Chief Skedans. His grandmother gave him his Haida name – Gah-ghin-skuss, meaning 'your out of your own land'.

With guidance from his uncle, Doug Wilson, Clarence began studying traditional Haida art at the age of eighteen. Clarence has dedicated himself to becoming proficient in a wide variety of mediums, including silkscreen printmaking, sandblasting glass, silver & gold jewelry.

He also carves argillite, traditional stone of the Haida, along with cedar boxes, bowls, doors, plaques, and monumental size totem poles for various international events.

Clarence Mills' Haida designs are amongst the most powerful Northwest Coast artwork being created today. He creates in the tradition of his people.


Origine Culturelle: Haïda

L'artiste haïda Clarence Mills est né à Skidegate, Haida Gwaii, en Colombie- Britannique en 1958. Il est membre du clan de l'Aigle et prend comme emblèmes Le Corbeau Fendu et L'Ours Grizzly .

Son grand-père Jimmy Wilson était chef héréditaire de Skedans. Sa grand-mère lui a donné son nom Haida; Gah-Ghin-Skuss, qui signifie “vous êtes sur votre propre terre” .

Avec les conseils de son oncle , Doug Wilson , Clarence a commencé à étudier l'art traditionnel haïda à l'âge de dix-huit ans . Clarence se consacre à devenir compétent dans une grande variété de médiums , y compris la sérigraphie , le sablage de verre, et les bijoux en argent et en or.

Il sculpte aussi l'argilite, pierre traditionnelle des Haïdas, et aussi des boîtes de cèdre , des bols


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