Bracelet - Sterling Silver - 1" - Wolves & Moon

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Artist: Kelvin Thompson

Nation: Ojibway

WOLF: intelligence, family, loyalty, leadership

MOON: guardian, protection, renewal, balance

Handcrafted by Kelvin Thompson.

Kelvin Thompson, born in Ebbenflow, Manitoba in 1958, is a renowned First Nations carver, part of the Saulteaux Nation by birth and adopted into the Haisla Nation of northern British Columbia. Kelvin began carving in 1978 and studied under well-known Haisla jewelers Barry and Derek Wilson, and helped carve a totem pole with Master Carver Henry Robinson in 1980. Kelvin has been involved in teaching new artists in recent years. Today, Kelvin carves silver and gold jewellery, as well as bowls and masks made from alder, maple, and cedar. From oxidizing to cutouts, he is always experimenting and pushing boundaries with his work, and his jewellery can be recognized by his incredibly detailed and expressive style.

Handcrafted and carved sterling silver bracelet.

Made in Vancouver.

1" wide by 6" in length with a 1" space at the back.


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