Coasters - Cork - Set of 4 - Sky Dance - Northern Light

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Product Code: POD2794CSTR

Artist: Amy Keller-Rempp

Nation: Metis

4" x 4"


Coasters are made from MDF (medium-density fibreboard) with a cork backing. The artist's name, tribal affiliation, and title of the design appear on the box.

The artist is paid a royalty on the sale of this product.

Designed in Canada

Made in China

Cultural Background: Mohawk, Ontario

Amy Keller-Rempp is a talented Canadian artist. Originally from Ontario, she, her husband, and their three daughters now reside in northern Alberta. Amy was born with a God-given talent, and she believes her First Nations ancestry (The Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte), and her memory of her father, drive her passion. She uses mostly acrylic and oil, on many different types of canvas, and has developed unique styles that she describes as Modern Impressionism and Sky Dance Series. Her ability to grind and sculpt metal makes her one of the top metal art artists in the world.

Amy Keller-Rempp est une talentueuse artiste canadienne, originaire de l’Ontario. Elle vit désormais dans le nord de l’Alberta, avec son mari et leurs trois filles. Amy croit que son talent lui vient de Dieu, et sa passion est propulsée par ses ancêtres des Premières Nations (les Mohawks de la baie de Quinte) et le souvenir de son père. Elle travaille principalement à l’acrylique et à l’huile, sur différents types de supports, déployant sa gamme de styles dans les séries Impressionnisme Moderne et Danse du Ciel. Son habilité à poncer et à graver le métal en fait l’une des meilleures artistes employant ce médium au monde.


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