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Earrings - Sterling Silver - Cutout - Dragonfly

Earrings - Sterling Silver - Cutout - Dragonfly

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Product Code: GRP00020

Artist: Grant Pauls

Nation: Tahltan

DRAGONFLY: transformation, adaptability, self-realization

Handcrafted by Grant Pauls

Grant Pauls is a jewellery artist of Tahltan and Tlingit ancestry who began his journey by helping other artists develop unique concepts for their own art. As his passion for traditional and unique West Coast Native art grew, he began focusing these concepts in his own work and design. He studied with renowned Tahltan carver Terrence Campbell in Prince Rupert, and also cites Dempsey Bob and Mark Preston, among others, as influences. In addition to creating art and jewellery, Grant works in mediation and negotiation with First Nations Bands throughout the Yukon Territory. His work is recognized by his intricate silver and gold cut-out jewellery, giving a modern flair to traditional Tahltan designs. Eagle: friendship, peace, power, loyalty, grace

Handcrafted sterling silver earrings.

Made in Vancouver

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