Earrings - Sterling Silver - Cutout - Hummingbird

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Artist: John Velten

Nation: Dene

HUMMINGBIRD: joy, healing, beauty, comfort

Handcrafted by John Velten

John Velten is an artist of Northwest Territories Dene and German ancestry from New Westminster, BC who creates beautiful, innovative Northwest Coast artwork in a wide array of media. John has had a lifelong interest in art, but his career officially began when he took up apprenticeship under Alano Edzerza and Rick Adkins in 2016. He has since collaborated with artists such as Phil Gray and Klatle-Bhi. John has undertaken numerous large-scale projects, including an installation for the City of Vancouver and Translink, a lantern for LunarFest Vancouver, and a mural for the Vancouver Mural Festival. With a degree in 3D modelling and animation from the Visual College of Art and Design, John is one of a select few artists using modern technology to expand the boundaries of traditional Northwest Coast Indigenous art. In 2022, his work was featured in Native American Art Magazine.

Handcrafted sterling silver earrings.

Made in Vancouver.

All earrings are final sale.

1.5"h x 5/8"w (excluding length of hook)


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