Moccasins - Ladies' - Moosehide - Tan

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Product Code: BIB489L-6

Artist: Bastien Industries

Nation: Huron Wendat

Moosehide moccasin in natural tan.

The Bastien Industries family business offers its customers authentic Huron-Wendats products and fully Canadian products, made with the utmost respect for traditional techniques.

The Huron-Wendat based their lives on a variating economy: agriculture, gathering, fishing, and hunting. Moose, like all their animals of subsistence, were the object of appreciation and exceptional gratitude. The Huron-Wendat recognized the favours that Mother earth supplied them and demonstrated their gratitude by using all of the deceased animal. It is with great pride that Bastien Industries carries on this tradition of respect and acknowledgement towards the generosity of the Great Spirit. 

All Bastien moccasins are made with premium leather and suede (soft and supple genuine moose leather from Quebec, cowhide, rabbit fur) and are beaded and laced by hand directly on the Wendake reserve by Huron-Wendat craftsmen and craftswomen.

Designed and made in Canada

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