Magnet - Bear Design - Vancouver

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Product Code: POD995MA-VAN

Artist: Jon Erickson

Nation: Gitxsan

Magnet 2.5" x 3.5"

Made in Canada

Cultural Background: Gitksan

Born in Terrace, B.C., Jon Erickosn is from the Nak’azdli Band of the Gitksan Nation.

In 2011, Jon began working with Haida artist Clarence Mills to learn engraving techniques and formline designs. He then studied under Nisga’a artist, Robert Tait, at Vancouver’s Native Education College in 2012, where he graduated (top of the class) from the college’s Northwest Coast Jewelry Arts Program, receiving the Artistic Achievement Award. After graduation, Jon began volunteering at the college which led him to work as an Instructional Assistant in the Jewelry Arts Program under Robert Tait’s guidance. By 2017, Jon became the Program Coordinator for the Northwest Coast Jewelry Arts Program.

“My plan is to continue our traditions of storytelling through our art.”

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