Purse - Solo - Deerskin - Bear - Black

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Artist: Clifton Fred

Nation: Tlingit

As a Crow of the Tlingit tribe, Clifton Fred's artistic sensibility reflects the views and achievements of his cultural ancestry. As he puts it "through our art I hope we can remind each other of who we were, what we did, and how we felt. If understanding our beginnings enables us to know our ends, then we may find that all cultures have the same origins and therefore the same destiny. Knowing this we can do nothing other than work together."

Solo purses are made of genuine leather and are cloth-lined on the inside, measuring 19cm x 24cm in size and featuring an adjustable leather strap, a zipper closure, an additional pocket on the inside, and a snap magnet closure pocket on the outside. 

Leather hides may vary slightly in colour. 

Designed and made in Canada



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