Salad Servers - Chrome - Raven

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Artist: Bill Helin

Nation: Tsimshian

The Raven

"Raven Steals Sun" tells how Raven tricked the Great Chief and brought light into the world. Raven stole the sun, moon and stars from a box in the Chief's lodge and released them into the sky. In doing so he was caught in the smoke hole giving ravens their distinct colour.

These beautiful and elegant pieces by Bill Helin have been 100% designed in Canada and made from food-safe chrome-plated zinc castings.

Follow these few simple steps to ensure that your chrome spoons last for many years. We recommend that you hand-wash your new flatware before your first use. Rinse foods from flatware, especially those with high salt content or acidity. Avoid soaking chrome flatware in water for a prolonged period of time or overnight. The servers are suitable for everyday use and are dishwasher safe.

Bill Helin

Bill Helin is an artist of Tsimshian Nation ancestry. He was born in Prince Rupert, BC and through his art shares the history of the Tsimshian Nation. Bill's designs reflect his deep spiritual connection and respect for his native heritage. He is a world-renowned carver, painter, illustrator and jeweller.

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