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Book - Raven's Feast (fr): Le festin du Corbeau

Book - Raven's Feast (fr): Le festin du Corbeau

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Product Code: 9780993869471

Artist: Kung Jaadee

Nation: Haida

French Version

Après que le corbeau Yaahl eut fini de créer le monde, il se rendit compte qu’il se sentait seul. Alors, il invita le monde entier à le rejoindre à Haida Gwaii pour participer au plus grand festin que vous puissiez imaginer.

After the Raven (Yaahl) had finished creating the world; he realized that he was lonely. So he invited the whole world to join him in Haida Gwaii for the greatest feast you could ever imagine. At the end of the Feast each person, from all 4 sacred directions, was given a special gift that would change their lives forever!

Kung Jaadee (Roberta Kennedy) is a traditional Haida storyteller, singer and drummer from Haida Gwaii in Northern British Columbia. She teaches Xaad Kil/Haida language and culture five days a week. For more than 24 years, she has delighted audiences across Canada at festivals, schools, museums, aboriginal celebrations and conferences. Kung Jaadee loves singing her traditional Haida songs, drumming, laughing, baking and learning her language. Her name was presented to her at her great uncle’s memorial feast by her cousin, Crystal Robinson, and means ‘Moon Woman’.