Platter - Resin - Eagle Orca - 8.5"

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Artist: Corrine Hunt

Nation: Kwakwaka'wakw & Tlingit

This resin platter features the Eagle Orca design based on the physical depiction of air meeting water: a swirl in a drop of water. 

Design by Corrine Hunt

Born in Alert Bay British Columbia in 1959 Corrine Hunt has been producing contemporary art that reflects the themes and traditions of her First Nations Kwakiutl and Tlingit heritage for more than 22 years. "I want to show how both the First Nations people and the art have evolved", she explains. Corrine has mentored First Nations and other artists and continues to be a strong and vocal supporter of the arts in British Columbia. Into contemporary styling is distinct and her artwork is found in art collections and museums worldwide. An international multi-award winner, she is recognized for her contribution to First Nations contemporary art. 

Resin is a mixture of recycled glass and plastic. Handwash only.

Made in Canada.

8.5" diameter




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