Ring - Gold & Silver - 3/8" - Salmon - size 6.25

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Nation: Kwakwaka'wakw & Tlingit

SALMON: determination, prosperity, good luck, abundance

Designed by Corrine Hunt

Corrine Hunt is a Vancouver-based contemporary First Nations artist born in Alert Bay in 1959 to the well-known Raven Gwa’waina clan, of Tlingit and Kwakwaka’wakw heritage. Her paternal grandmother, a Tlingit noblewoman from Alaska, gave her the name Nugwam Gelatleg’lees, meaning “killer whale scratching her back on the beach.” Her first major influence and teacher was her uncle Norman Brotchie; today, she is a mentor and teacher to many other artists, including Hollie Bartlett, and has been working as a jeweller reflecting the themes and traditions of her heritage since 1985. Notably, she designed the logo for the World Peace Forum, held in Vancouver in 2006, and co-created the Vancouver 2010 Olympic medals with Omer Arbel. Corrine is celebrated for her contemporary yet ageless designs, which are often abstract and subtle in their depiction of images.

Handcrafted sterling silver and 14k yellow gold ring

Made in BC, Canada

3/8" wide. Flat, not domed, might fit slightly small due to width and flat shape. 

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