Ring - Sterling Silver - 1/4" - Thunderbird

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Product Code: DL014W4-10

Artist: Don Lancaster

Nation: Kwakwaka'wakw

THUNDERBIRD: protection, power, prestige

Handcrafted by Don Lancaster

Don Lancaster, born in Alert Bay to a family of gold and silver carvers in 1965, is a renowned Northwest Coast jewellery artist and member of the Kwakwaka’wakw Nation, bearing the family crests of the Sun, Sisiutl (two-headed sea serpent), and the Wolf. An apprentice of celebrated carver Norman Seaweed, he has been carving since 1981 and has been one of the Wickaninnish Gallery’s artists for over 20 years. Many appreciate his work for its simple beauty and clarity of line. 

Handcrafted sterling silver ring

Made in Victoria, BC

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