Shawl - Wool Blend - Eco-friendly - Miel - Reversible

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Artist: Half Moon Woman (Pat Bruderer)

Nation: Cree

 Made with recycled fabric

 Gives back a portion of proceeds

Shawls are made of 50% recycled polyester, 30% acrylic, and 20% recycled wool. A perfect soft warm blend that will last a long time. 

This stylish medium-weight shawl will be your go-to accessory to keep you warm while looking good! The eco-friendly material woven in Italy is soft and luxurious and will keep you cozy all season long. The new pattern cut is the perfect fit on any body type, and can also be a great addition to your pregnancy wardrobe keeping you and your belly warm in those last months.

This shawl is your forever piece.

About the Birch Bark Pattern Design 
If It Wasn’t For Bees and Water

A birch bark biting is a unique piece of Indigenous artwork. They are made from biting an image, using only the teeth, into a thin, single layer of birch bark harvested from the birch tree. Then, by carefully folding the bark, the pattern imagined is pressed into the birch bark, using only the teeth. Because each piece must be created individually, birch bark bitings are like people; no two are exactly alike!

"I honour the water and the bees. They are two things that everything on Mother Earth depends on and therefore are deserving of the utmost respect. Without them, nothing would exist."
— Pat Bruderer

This original work has been digitalized to represent a one-of-a-kind birchbark biting piece. The distinct lines in the fabric show the character of a birch tree. 

About the Indigenous Artist Half Moon Woman (Pat Bruderer)

Pat Bruderer (Half Moon Woman) is one of the few knowledge keepers and expert practitioners of this ancient Indigenous art. She was born and raised in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada and is a member of the Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation. Half Moon Woman is self-taught in the art form but was highly inspired by the work of Angelique Merasty of Flin Flon, Manitoba. Pat's work can be found in museums, galleries, and private collections around the world. 

Proceeds of your purchase will be shared with True North Aid, an Indigenous organization that supports northern and remote communities with practical humanitarian support.

Wash cold, hang dry

Designed and made in Canada

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