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Shopping Bag - Folding - Matriarch Bear

Shopping Bag - Folding - Matriarch Bear

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Product Code: FBAG22

Artist: Morgan Asoyuf

Nation: Tsimshian

Shop sustainably with our Foldable Shopping Bags. Made from recycled materials and featuring Indigenous designed artwork, they're as durable and reusable as they are fashionable and eco-friendly. With a compact design, they're easy to carry and perfect for any shopping trip. Our Foldable Shopping Bags provide a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic bags. Elevate your shopping game with our beautiful Foldable Shopping Bags.100% polyester


21" x 27" x 2", can carry up to 10kg

folded pouch: 4.75" x 5"

shopping bags come packaged as individual folded pouch

unfold to full shopping bag

made in China