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Pendant - Sterling Silver - Oval - Raven

Pendant - Sterling Silver - Oval - Raven

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Product Code: HB070W10

Artist: Hollie Bartlett

Nation: Haisla

Hollie Bartlett, born in Terrace, British Columbia in 1963, is a renowned gold and silver jewelry artist and member of the Haisla Nation, bearing the family crest of the Killer Whale, revered for its strength and skill as a hunter. She began her artistic career as a photographer for Kahtou News: The Voice of BC First Nations before beginning an apprenticeship under esteemed Kwakwaka’wakw and Tlingit artist Master Carver Corrine Hunt in 1998, where she honed her skills for four years. She later worked with well-known goldsmith Michael Reynolds, under whose combined guidance with Corrine Hunt she learned engraving technique, stone-setting, and overlay methods.

The RAVEN signifies creativity, wisdom, knowledge, honour, cleverness.

handcrafted sterling silver oval raven pendant