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Book - Trudy's Rock Story (fr): Le Caillou de Trudy

Book - Trudy's Rock Story (fr): Le Caillou de Trudy

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Product Code: 9781989122020

Artist: Trudy Spiller

Nation: Gitxsan

French Version

Quand une fillette de la Nation Gitxsan se dispute avec son frère, elle se souvient d’un des contes de sa grand-mère et part à la recherche d’un caillou avec qui parler de ses sentiments

Ce charmant récit autochtone enseigne aux enfants qu’il est normal d’avoir des sentiments et leur explique comment traiter et relâcher les sentiments négatifs.

A timeless story that will always help our students and children connect with Nature.

When a young girl from the Gitxsan Nation argues with her brother, she remembers the teachings of her grandmother and goes in search of a stone to share her feelings with. This engaging First Nation’s story teaches children that it is okay to have feelings and shows them how to process and release negative thoughts.

Trudy is part of the Gitxsan Nation in British Columbia and belongs to the House of Gwininitxw of the Wolf Clan. Trudy’s traditional name, Lugaganowals, means a frog that is always leaning or giving. Trudy and her siblings were brought up to believe that children are like flowers. Today, she helps families to grow and flourish by sharing her knowledge of First Nation medicine, food, dress, and practices. By sharing her stories, Trudy makes knowledge keepers of us all.