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Weaving Life Together - Indigenous Colouring Journal on Diversity

Weaving Life Together - Indigenous Colouring Journal on Diversity

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Product Code: CCLR77

Artist: Melaney Gleeson-Lyall

Nation: Musqueam Coast Salish


(32 PAGES; 8.5” X

11”) Weaving Life Together:Indigenous Colouring Journal on DiversityVarious ArtistsWritten by Melaney Gleeson-Lyall, Musqueam, Coast Salish

Weaving Life Together: Indigenous Colouring Journal on Diversity is an invitation to reflect,be creative and appreciate our connections with others and the natural world that we live in. As readers learn about the ideas put forward in Weaving Life Together, they are offered teachingsto acknowledge, respect and celebrate the diversity in the world we live in.Each page offers traditional and cultural insightsinto the natural and supernatural worlds. Thought-provoking questions are intended to deepen personal development and our relationshipswith others. The corresponding animal on thenext page allows readers to take the time to further reflect and connect with their creativity as they colour in the animals.